Wolfgang Muthspiel
Slava Grigoryan
Ralph Towner

Three different approaches to playing the guitar, three individualists, three generations from three continents – MGT is Muthspiel-Grigoryan-Towner, or Master Guitar Trio, if you prefer the latter.

Formed in Australia, where youngest group-member Slava Grigoryan lives, MGT has already played to major tours there and recorded together in Melbourne. 2009 saw them release their first album on Muthspiel’s label material records and tour Europe. The follow-up «From A Dream» was released on ECM in 2009.

The group’s music is mainly written by Ralph Towner and Wolfgang Muthspiel and is perfectly fitted to the three guitar-virtuosos strenghts and preferences. Utilizing a vast amount of different guitars (baritone, classical, electric, 12-string and bass) and playing techniques, MGT is creating its very own sonic cosmos.

The three musicians are united by sharing a common ground – a classical education. Slava Grigoryan is the only one who is pursuing a career in classical music nowadays though. Ralph Towner’s very own unique music is documented on numerous remarkable records that he released on ECM, while Wolfgang Muthspiel has comitted himself to Jazz, a musical change that was originally triggered by Towner himself.
Their admiration for each other’s playing results in an extremely musical and humble music, that still sparks of virtuosity and technical brilliance.
During MGT concerts the listener is introduced to the three individuals by having them present solo-pieces before merging into duos and resulting in a trio-set that is unique in its sophisticated textures and starts to shine with Muthspiel’s flowing solos on top.