Austria String Trio

Benjamin Schmid, Violine
Florian Eggner, Violoncello
Wolfgang Muthspiel, Gitarre, Gesang

Uniting three strong, internationally renown musical personalities and combining their individual excellence in one ensemble: Austria String Trio is melding acclaimed classical violin-soloist Benjamin Schmid, who has been maintaining improvisation and Jazz since his early childhood, cellist Florian Eggner, known for his work with his two brothers in Eggner Trio, a piano-trio that presents finest chamber-music throughout the world and last but not least Wolfgang Muthspiel, exeptional jazzguitarist and composer, who is lately pushing boundaries with his Quintet and singer/songwriter-project «Vienna Naked».
Their ecclectic repertory consists of original music written by Muthspiel for this line-up, adaptations and new interpretations of Johann Sebastian Bach’s works, chamber-musical variations on pop-songs and tunes that are improvised on in a jazz-context. Combining the virtue of classical chamber-music with hotheaded improvisation, linking beat, pulse and rhythm, three virtuosos have teamed up here to pursue new paths.